H2X provides the following value-added services to homeowners and private and public industry across southern Vancouver Island. 

Value-Added Services

Fire Suppression Unit

Mobile, mounted, 1500L water tank unit with pump & 100ft hose with operator for standby on high-risk jobsites

Mini Excavator with Concrete/ Rock Breaker Service

For building job location road access, or solid rock excavation and concrete demolition

Dump Truck

Hauling soil or aggregate materials

Hand Excavation

Manual excavation with long-handled spoons, spades & digging bars for inaccessible pole hole locations

Monitoring Well Supplies & Installation

Supply all materials required for monitoring or vapour well installations, as well as installation/decomission services

Environmental Storage Bin Rental

Supply sealed, lockable and environmentally safe bin to store materials after excavation

Jack Hammer/Rock Drill Service

Concrete or asphalt breaking, tamping and drilling up to 2” diameter holes in solid rock

Landscape Remediation

Brushclearing, leveling , grading, topsoil, grass seed and gravel supply

Sewage Remediation

Septic problems like gurgling, slow drainage, overflow, odors, sewage back-ups in toilets or other drains

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