H2X provides hydro-excavation services with 24-hour emergency response to homeowners across southern Vancouver Island. 

Residential Services

Utility Locating & Trenching

Locating & uncovering fibre optics, electric cables, pipes, gaslines, & other utilities

Perimeter Drain Excavation

Trenching around buildings for building perimeter drainage & exposing old tiles

Catch Basin Inspection & Sump Cleaning

For apartment buildings, townhouse complexes, parking lots, household tanks

Storm & Sanitary Line Flushing

Lines need to be regularly cleaned & maintained. Lines can get infiltrated with tree roots and other debris

Emergency Septic Tank Cleaning

Hydrovac and clean out overflowing septic tanks and transport and dispose of contaminated materials safely

Tree Root Exposure

Arborist supervised low pressure excavation for landscaping, municipalities, and arborists

Crawl Spaces/Basements

Low-invasive excavation of new crawl spaces, jacking up a house, building new foundations

Fish Ponds

Quickly and safely remove earth to create your custom koi pond

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