H2X provides hydro-excavation services with 24-hour emergency response to commercial and commercial environmental projects across southern Vancouver Island. 

Commercial Services


The process of unearthing and exposing underground utilities and pipelines; to the light of day

Street light bases, sign post holes

Precise digging for the smallest footprint needed to install signage and hydro poles

Pole hole excavation

Precise digging for hydro pole installation

Car wash bays, Sump pits

Carwash bays and pits can get cluttered with mud, grease, waste oil from dirty vehicles and need to be regularly cleaned out

Rock/Tile cutting tables

Cleaning and decluttering tanks under tile cutting tables

Emergency spill response

We’ve helped in many spill cleanups from a variety of clients. We are available 24/7 for any emergency

Oil separators

Oil chambre clean outs from city and roadway run-off

Pump & Lift stations

Cleaning and decluttering of pump and life stations

Drill mud loading & hauling

Vacuum loading cutting byproduct from drilling into rock and hauling for disposal

Tank Pumping & Cleaning

For sediment tanks on commercial sites

Pad cleaning

Digging to bed rock for construction projects

Commercial Environmental Services

Bore hole excavation

Hydro excavation to desired depths for soil samples, well installations or further drilling

Contaminated waste transportation

H2X has the equipment and skilled personnel to properly transport and dispose of contaminated waste

Well decommissioning

Using provincial, territorial, and federal guidelines to determine appropriate decommissioning procedures

Elevator shafts

Utilizing adapted tools for hydroexcavation or vacuum loading water at desired depths

Soil sampling

Spooning and collecting soil samples for environmental analytics testing from boreholes at desired depths during excavation

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