What is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-Excavation is a mechanical means of using high pressure water to break up earth, simultaneously removed by vacuum. When utilized properly the method is a safe, non destructive means of excavation. Our personnel are extensively trained in safe practice procedures and are equipped with the tools to enable a safe excavation site.


As the underground utilities become increasingly complex, the cost to employ Hydro-Excavation is extremely affordable when compared to hydraulic equipment and the potential for fatalities, cost to repair damaged lines and possible fines to recover loss of service. Hydro-Excavation is a proven method that, to date, has not incurred injuries, utility damage or loss of service.

Is it better for the environment?

Hydro-Excavation does not involve any chemical or mechanical processes. Using simply a high-pressure water jet, it is less damaging to the surrounding area leaving the soil, plants, roots, and underground assets near the vicinity intact and untouched. Holes are dug in a precise manner, which means less repair and restoration work to the ground after the excavation is done. The soil and water debris are immediately sucked up into the truck’s holding tank to be disposed of elsewhere. A hydro excavator gets the job done faster with a smaller footprint. 

Why Would I Need

Hydro-Excavation exposes a utility or removes earth in close proximity to a utility. An example of exposing the utility would be daylighting or potholing a gas main to determine its exact vertical and horizontal position. A second example would be an excavation for a pole installation that is within one meter of an existing utility. When excavating in the proximity of buried utilities, Hydro-Excavation is a safe alternative to hydraulic methods and an efficient alternative to hand digging.